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Bull Demon King Cafe 牛魔王餐廳2010年創立於天普市,2012年開設了第二家分店位於鑽石吧市,2015年開設了第三家分店位於柔似蜜市,30多年的眷村古早美味傳承至今,為了滿足老饕們在異國他鄉能找到“記憶中的味道”本店創始人將兒時先輩在眷村開辦第一家小面館的祖傳秘方帶到了美國,堅持先用最上等最新鮮的食材並保持食物本身的原味的理念及始終如一的品質是我們不變的宗旨。





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Authentic traditional fashion, let you eat a'll love it. . .

Bull Demon Bull Demon King Cafe restaurant was founded in 2010 in Temple City, in 2012 opened a second store is located in Diamond Bar, in 2015 opened a third branch is located in Rosemead City, 30 years of military dependents delicious old days inheritance so far, in order to meet the connoisseurs in a foreign country can be found, "the memory of the taste," Our ancestors in the military community, founder of the child opened the first small noodle traditional remedy to the United States, insist on using the finest freshest quality ingredients and keep the flavor of the food itself and consistent philosophy is our constant aim.

Beef noodles more than 100 years of history, OUR own: "The Manchu beef noodles," is a unique formula by fine stew over 24 hours of delicious rich soup, accompanied by Washington state farm pollution flowers tendon (meat distribution lines ribbed bars in the meat tendon in Need) component in the bowl and add beef tendons consisting belly full of money not greasy beef noodles. A bowl of beef noodles not only meat but also have to pay attention to surface chewy texture also accompanied Hongyan profits slip in spicy chili sauce and pickled cabbage, green cabbage eating together is a unique Taiwanese taste.

Has a "beef noodles are" held every year in Taiwan grand "Taipei International Beef Noodle Festival," We are honored to participate in the Los Angeles area club tournament in 2012 and made a "popular champion King" and "international popularity Champion" The highest honor.

Eat beef noodles very particular about learning to eat when you want to be a little wild and somewhat noisy, steaming sweat feeling, big mouth and big mouth meat soup, this is to eat beef noodles "benevolent." Beef noodle practice is very particular about which day of boiling broth, "a clear" meat "white" face "three yellow" parsley shallots "Four Green" Pepper "Five Red", which can be regarded as a bowl of delicious authentic Taiwanese beef noodle soup.

Features dozens of clips to join lo Zuzhuanmifang boiled marinade slow halogen, such harmonious taste, smell the smell, tempting the appetite. Spicy snacks both hemp, spicy, fragrant, sun, sweet, the layers of the performance, the more exciting the more chewing, so you have to enjoy every one of our intentions and delicious.

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